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Mar 12
Sacheen Littlefeather Tdahn’s article was featured
Oct 30, 2017
Matt Sanders commented on Matt Sanders's photo
"Hi Michelle, would be great to hear that, did you see this great picture of the Eagle that landed at Standing Rock recently?
I think this was most amazing, especially as it let people touch it, this is just beyond nature. There is some deeper meaning this.
I had a spooky one a while back, a bird kept tapping at the back door glass although when I got to see it, it had gone, that was a message, a day later, I saw an owl in the daylight, sitting on a grass bank by the side of the road, it is rare to see owls in daylight generally, the person I was with didn't see it, even though I asked him if he had. Maybe I was only meant to see it. I do have psychic abilities so maybe it was jist for me.
A very good friend of mine who had been in hospital for a long time had passed away that day, I was called by a friend of his later that day to inform me. Perhaps the Owl was telling me he was on his way to the next dimension.
I wonder if the Eagle at Standing Rock was Russell Means coming back to le…"
Dec 3, 2016
Michelle McLaughlin commented on Matt Sanders's photo
"I have a great affinity with birds especially Crows..Ravens. And a funny story about them which I'll blog one day. Love this pic"
Dec 3, 2016