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Sun 10/22 Indigenous Thoughts

Russell Means 11/10/1939-10/22/2012


Fairbanks Four Are Free





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Matt Sanders posted a blog post
I was thinking the other day that over the last 20 plus years, I have come to acquire much new knowledge. When I think back thirty years, I know so much more than then, but this new knowledge is more than just acquisition, it is the quality and relevance that I find amazing.I often used to think about some people I knew of that maybe had a hobby that they did all their lives or worked in job all their lives and it seemed interesting to analyse their outlook. My life has been the opposite, although I have about 4 main hobbies, the rest of my own life has been about change and changing situations.It all goes back to the question why am I here? Aged 12, I looked at this planet and wondered at it, it seemed like some sort of unfinished project.At one job interview I had it was observed I had moved jobs a lot, that was partly due to the economic situation, a few years before I had read of the Star Seed phenomena and recognised a lot in that that applied to me.But I still couldn't work out…
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Oct 16
Sacheen Littlefeather Tdahn published an article
NOT GREIT: Sami President Aili Keskitalo does not see the costume choice until Siv Jensen is okay. Photo: Instagram / Archive screenshot

By Christel-Beate Jorilldatter
Published:October 15, 2017, at. 2:49 p.m.

"I think it's gross that she who is the manager of the pension fund abroad looks like she's having fun with those who actually suffer from the money we earn," says Keskitalo.
( iFinnmark ): Siv Jensen's costume has been the subject of heated debate lately, and Keskitalo is among those who do not like what she sees.
"Norway earns a great deal of money to destroy uneducal culture in the United States, and then we celebrate our money by dressing up like Indians, I think it's completely tasteless.
It was VG who first mentioned the matter.
- Great demonstrations 
More specifically, there is an oil pipeline in North Dakota, USA, she says:
- As I understand, Siv Jensen is on a trip to celebrate the state budget in this outfit. The Norwegian oil fund, one of the largest investo…
Oct 15
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