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Alaxchiiaahush Plenty Coups 1848-1932


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"It was Philip Sheridan who made that quote The point of this feature was to educate a history not taught in our schools The 6 Chiefs felt doing it would give them a chance to speak to the Prez about their people And it's a story about Goyahkla/Geronimo He rode in the parade to the loud cheers of the large crowd but upon the end of it,he would be totally ignored by the Prez And even after pleading for his & his peoples freedom Prez told him "We will have to wait and see how you act" He'd already been a POW for 20 yrs at the time He would remain one another 4 yrs till his in death in 1909 Only in death was he set free His people would have to wait another 3 yrs for theirs in 1912 What was left of the Bedonkohe/Chiricahua Apache people 27 yrs total as a U.S. POW's They were promised it would only be for 2 yrs Today the still have no home/reservation They are scattered across the winds of many other clans of Apache So the point is telling the real history not what's taught Tell the storie…"
Aug 3
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"Hell of a way to Introduce myself to this group. What is the point of this feature. Roosevelt invited the warriors as members of a "side show" and most definitely was quoted "the only good Indian is a dead Indian."that's not the literal quote but close enough.
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Listen Now Full Album Beasties, Rage Against the Machine, Superchunk on Leonard Peltier Comp In 1995, a benefit album to raise funds to fight the wrongful 43rd year imprisonment of Leonard Peltier It was supposed to come out on Columbia. The record-- dubbed Exiled in the Land of the Free-- was to feature feature rare, live, and unreleased tracks from Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine, Superchunk, Mike Watt, Josh Homme, and more.Well, the compilation never came out, and everyone moved on. Well, almost everyone, apparently. American Indian Movement member Peltier is still in prison for killing two FBI agents. And now a former Columbia employee has made a website that offers the whole album to download for free, in the hopes of inspiring support for the cause. The power is definitely there though, and there are some standout unreleased tracks including C.O.C.'s "Land of Free Disease," Josh Homme's fi…
Jun 15
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During the entire history of America until the turn of the twentieth century, Indigenous Americans were hunted, killed, and forcibly removed from their lands by European settlers.This includes the paying of bounties beginning in the colonial period with, for example, a proclamation against the Penobscot Indians in 1755 issued by King George II of Great Britain, known commonly as the Phips Proclamation 

The proclamation orders, “His Majesty’s subjects to Embrace all opportunities of pursuing, captivating, killing and Destroying all and every of the aforesaid Indians.” The colonial government paid 50 pounds for scalps of males over 12 years, 25 pounds for scalps of women over 12, and 20 pounds for scalps of boys and girls under twenty-five British pounds sterling in 1755, worth around $9,000 today —a small fortune in those days when an English teacher earned 60 pounds a year.Well, the term "scalp" offended the good Christian women of the community and they asked that anoth…
Jun 13
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As a Native person of this country, I've come to the conclusion that I must support the Palestinian people and the pursuit of an autonomous Palestinian state.
Although many view both American Indians and Palestinians as "indigenous and displaced people," this is not the reason that I feel a sense of kinship with Palestinians.
Instead, this fraternal feeling for my brothers and sisters in Gaza and on the West Bank is due to a much more basic and primal feeling of fear: the realization that what befalls one oppressed group inevitably befalls others.
Indigenous people, as well as other oppressed groups worldwide, regardless of race or religion, have a vested interest in learning from the genocidal atrocities that the U.S. government initiated on American Indians. Every person who strives for humanity also has a strong interest in preventing those same atrocities from occurring in another place at another time to another group of people -- in this particular situation, to the Palestinians…
May 15
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by Dylan Kristine
There is nothing on the road in and out of the Pine Ridge Reservation in the southern part of South Dakota. Well, nothing alive, except for a few scattered wild animals and cows that seem inextricably far from any sort of home. Whenever I hear another story of an abducted or murdered Indigenous women, I always think of that road. I imagine how endless her fear must be, knowing that the terrain surrounding her is both stunning and unforgiving. The endless tan rock formations that seem beautiful from the comfort and safety of my car window, but must take on a devastating lethality when viewed through desperate and frightened eyes.
That’s if she manages to escape.
And if she manages to escape while still on the reservation. Most violence against Indigenous women is committed by non-indigenous perpetrators, so who knows where she could end up. In a different town, a different state. A place that she has never seen before with people who will most likely look right throug…
May 5
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