This Buzzard came to stay around the house for two days, perhaps bringing some sort of message?

I love to watch them circling in the sky, truly magnificent and lucky to have the gift of free flight.

Matt Falling Star

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  • I have a great affinity with birds especially Crows..Ravens. And a funny story about them which I'll blog one day. Love this pic

    • Hi Michelle, would be great to hear that, did you see this great picture of the Eagle that landed at Standing Rock recently?

      I think this was most amazing, especially as it let people touch it, this is just beyond nature. There is some deeper meaning this.

      I had a spooky one a while back, a bird kept tapping at the back door glass although when I got to see it, it had gone, that was a message, a day later, I saw an owl in the daylight, sitting on a grass bank by the side of the road, it is rare to see owls in daylight generally, the person I was with didn't see it, even though I asked him if he had. Maybe I was only meant to see it. I do have psychic abilities so maybe it was jist for me.

      A very good friend of mine who had been in hospital for a long time had passed away that day, I was called by a friend of his later that day to inform me. Perhaps the Owl was telling me he was on his way to the next dimension.

      I wonder if the Eagle at Standing Rock was Russell Means coming back to lend support?

  • Beautiful pic

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