Part 1"Wheel to the Stars"

Jacob Wheeler and his brother, Nathan, leave Virginia to find adventure; Loved by the Buffalo has a vision of two families being joined forever.

Part 2"Manifest Destiny"

Traders introduce modern conveniences to native peoples; Jacob makes the ultimate sacrifice to save his family.

Part 3"Dreams and Schemes"

Gold fever hits; Jacob and Thunder Heart Woman reunite; a heinous act sets off a devastating chain of events.

Part 4"Hell on Wheels"

Jacob Wheeler's children witness history; the Cheyenne capture Mary Light Shines, and when U.S. soldiers attack the tribe, she escapes to be with her new Cheyenne family.

Part 5"Casualties of War"

Indian strategy at the Little Bighorn surprises Col. Custer and obliterates his cavalry; Margaret Light Shines tries to make the most of a bleak situation.

Part 6"Ghost Dance"

The U.S. Army's brutality against American Indians becomes a massacre; Jacob and Loved by the Buffalo reunite.



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  • What's up with episode 6? says it is "still being processed."

    • was being donloaded at the time


This reply was deleted.