Silas Crow (Ryan Rajendra Black) and Frank Fencepost (Adam Beach), aimless young men living on the Kidabanesee Reserve in Canada, spend their days hanging out with their girlfriends, Sadie (Jennifer Podemski) and Poppy (Sandrine Holt). When the friends find the murdered body of a woman they know, her white killer (Hugh Dillon) receives only a two-year sentence. While considering going away to school in Toronto, the buddies plot revenge with their recently paroled buddy, Gooch (Michael Greyeyes).

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  • Looks good.  I emailed it to myself to watch later with WiFi.  I remember the beginning so maybe saw it already. Can watch it again, then.

  • I love this movie, it's so true!

  • One of the best ever...this will be a cult favorite for decades!

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