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NOT GREIT: Sami President Aili Keskitalo does not see the costume choice until Siv Jensen is okay. Photo: 

"I think it's gross that she who is the manager of the pension fund abroad looks like she's having fun with those who actually suffer from the money we earn," says Keskitalo.

iFinnmark ): Siv Jensen's costume has been the subject of heated debate lately, and Keskitalo is among those who do not like what she sees.

"Norway earns a great deal of money to destroy uneducal culture in the United States, and then we celebrate our money by dressing up like Indians, I think it's completely tasteless.

It was VG who first mentioned the matter.

- Great demonstrations 

More specifically, there is an oil pipeline in North Dakota, USA, she says:

- As I understand, Siv Jensen is on a trip to celebrate the state budget in this outfit. The Norwegian oil fund, one of the largest investors in the world, has invested in an oil pipeline in indigenous peoples territories in North Dakota, USA. Throughout last year there have been major demonstrations against this oil pipeline because the indigenous tribes living in the area believe it is devastating to them, she says.

- Not ok with tullekofte

The Indians do not earn on the costume, she adds.

"It is not Indians who have sewn the costume of Siv Jensen, someone else is making money on making costumes.

She adds that it's not okay to dress in a tulle shoe or the like:

"I have received reactions from many who do not understand this is a problem. I think it's up to you to run some public information. It's not ok to paint black on your face and to dress like a black person. It's not ok to get dressed in tulle kofter.

Respectful Halloween

- Someone probably asks why it's not okay?

- It is certainly especially those who are not a minority who do not think this is a problem. Minority cultures and indigenous cultures are crowded cultures, in some places you no longer know how the Sami clothing looks like. When used for fun, like a gimmick, as a costume of people who are not related to our culture, there are many who react.

She asks people to think about a little before Halloween:

" Halloween is an American custom that spreads to parts of the world. I understand that it's nice to get dressed, but I ask people to think about what they stigmatize and what they wear. To show each other respect.

State Secretary: - Now we must calm down

State Secretary Petter Kvinge Tvedt commented on behalf of Siv Jensen:

"I really think it should be rusted down a few heels. It's a totally harmless outfit party with a different theme. Parents have sent their children to carnival where cowboy and indians have been the subject for many years. If someone looks like a cowboy, it's not a tribute to the American weapons industry, nor is it an indictment to Indians if someone looks like an Indian, he says.

- Not violating

He asks for a little "ceilings" in the future:

"I think everyone understands that it's not about violating unauthorized rights. I ask for a little ceilings and a little glimpse of the eye. Those who feel violated should be allowed to feel it, but there is no excuse from this side, he says and continues:

"There is a debate going on in the United States, but we do not want to have a community where you can not get dressed and have fun. Train holidays do not mean an offense for people belonging to the ancient Greeks. This is completely harmless, and obviously a pretext of boiling soup on a nail. We had a very nice party.

- Twinkle in his eye

He believes that Aili has to think about.

"It's about food and cosiness, she must have a little glimpse in the eye, and stop being so hairy," he says.

- What do you think about the link she mentions here, to the Government Pension Fund and oil pipeline in the US?

- I register, but do not comment on the oil fund's investments.

This means Siv

- What does Siv Jensen think about the costume debate?

- She thinks it has gone a little out of proportion. She does this because it was fun, all employees dress up and that she as a leader in the ministry attends the party and takes on costumes is just nice, he says.

- Aili believes the costume crowns do not go to Indians?

"I do not know who has sewn the suit or where it comes from. One can see it as a tribute to a culture, instead of ceasing to showcase the culture, he says.

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