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"Oh, Archie, I just think Canada's Prime Minister is the nicest and handsomest leader of the G-7."

"Edith, how many times do I have to put into your little head that looks ain't everything."

"Oh, I know Archie, after all, I married you. But it's not just his looks. He likes women and native folks too!"

"Edith, again. Read the fine print. Your Canadian PM is just another meathead who lies and cheats and breaks the law. And did you know your little Justin boy, he's just as discriminatory as my man George Wallace?"

"Are you calling him a racist?"

"Edith, it ain't just me. I read it in the paper. They got this Canadian Human Rights Tribunal there that found his government racially discriminates against 165,000 Indigenous kids up there in Canada. Been doing that for 1,143 days even though he's been ordered seven different times to stop it."

"Well, why isn't anyone doing anything about that?"

"Well, I saw this little leaflet your meathead son-in-law left lying around. He and Gloria are into emailing people every day until the government ends the discrimination. Says here: simply email the key ministers responsible (,, and demand that they comply with the rulings and compliance orders and also accept and implement the Spirit Bear Plan (learn more at of the First Nations Child & Family Caring Society."

"Archie, I like how you explain things to me."

"Well, in a world of Trudeaus and Scheers and Singhs who say one thing and do another, ya gotta have somebody who knows what's goin' on. The sound you hear is this old brain thinkin' for all of us. Now lemme have some quiet, the game's on."

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