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Published April 10,2015

5 months & some days from above date 

Jamie Prefontaine, a.k.a. Brooklyn

of Winnipeg's Most

Would be dead at the age of 30 late Sept 2015 No matter your thoughts on him thug or angel I & others really don't care your thoughts What ever some may say of his wrongs & by the way,who asked ya It is our prayers that his spirit be at peace since that dark day Sept 2015 And prayers for his family,friends,fans,haters who still find these 2+ years since his death, with a thought of the real man I do Like days driving Connie my truck 90 Ranger XLT down the road & got the 10's thumping loud to the sound of Brooklyn ft Drezus - Where are you Running Too I love that tune crank it up driving at least once a day I am 57 of course Jamie would have so little time left from this date above just a short 5 months & some short days Why he chose to leave was his choice It's not ours to question A year or so before his death he had put together some impressive tracks & video I think I may be bias The 1 above being such It of all those videos shot during that short window of time The 1 below shows the real man who knew the darkness was closing fast RIP Brooklyn/Jamie May your Spirit be at peace Pilamayaye

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