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How to Recognize and Short Circuit Reptilians. by Cathy Bilsky

If you are in a warm room and it suddenly gets cold you have just been visited by a reptilian shape shifter that is not only spying on you but sucking your life force. When you feel this immediately call to Michael the Archangel to come with his sword of blue flame and cut the ties this creature has to anything in the room.  Now we tie and bind this reptilian in a rope of blue flame, send the reptilian thru the violet flame to clean up its energy. Now send it back to the Creator. Filling up that empty space with an angel of your choice. (Healing, peace, compassion, protection.ect.) The room will become warm again. Don’t get upset if it happens again remember that they do have an army. You are doing a service by sending the reptilians back to God and bringing in an angel of light. It does raise the energy of the planet.

You can create sacred space by peeing in a spray bottle (females do NOT do this on your moon cycle) Then walk around the property and spray. As you walk you can say “This is now sacred space and only that which is light may enter”.  I would also put a few drops at the front and back doors, windowsills and in the corner of each room in the house.

Reptilians cannot stand the sent of human urine.


You may find people come into your house and just have to leave in a hurry…and may not come back. Also you will be visited much less by any reptilians whether they are in human form or the astral.

I have gone to activist meetings and put one drop of urine on my wrists and ankles. I have had reptilians short out and not be able to function around me also saying that they will not come back. They will find a reason to leave quickly. It is the best!

How to see a reptilian short out.

 If you have any doubts in the person you are dealing with. Close your eyes. Connect with the Creator. Take 3 deep breaths of this very high Love energy. Take one more deep breath and as you exhale direct that  Divine sacred breathe at them and say the name of YAHWEH. Do it as many times as you like. Now simply watch at what happens. The reptilian will begin to short out, get nervous, may leave the room. OR and this is the best. They may not be able to hold their human form, shape shifting to reptilian.

Take a small group to see your favorite (?) politician speak. Let the entire group do this exercise and then observe what happens to the politicians and all those around him.

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