Transition and awakening

Change is coming to many people - it has been slowly working for a few years

I follow a couple of really good horoscope tellers on youtube and one thing they both refer to is about meeting people we may have known in previous lives.

I have noticed a strange phenomena, one thing is that I do have some psychic ability, I do happen to predict things, as thoughts come to me, usually a few days later something happens. I also know even before a person speaks if I will like them or not.

One strange aspect I encounter is I come across what I call 'signature' people. These are people who are almost carbon copies (not in looks but in composition) of people I have known before, some good some not. I almost know who the toxic people are very quickly as a result.

This going away slightly from what I set out to say, but I thought you might find it interesting.

However, the subject of this article has been touched on by both tellers, that of a transition.

I noticed that in the last three years or so my whole life has changed, not only in my outlook but the psychic side has grown, I recall seeing a bit of wisdom that there was no death, just a change of worlds and that got me interested in what happens when our spirit leaves our body.

One facet of a thing called Project Avatar is that in the end we may all live as ethereal beings completely and not have a physical body, but in the mk 3 or so we could be a spirit contained in an animatronic humanoid body. So we could in theory exist physically as long as we have the moving parts replaced. This came out of a book I was researching to write on future humans and robotics.

This transition is not just happening to me it seems, but a concerted pattern across the planet is going on, it is predicted a big change will occur, perhaps those who live outside our planet will return to this one?

Common sense seems to be telling us we are running out of planet yet we are not modifying our behaviour and re-evaluating what we are doing, we are looking at places like Mars to colonise, yet funnily enough, I read that the Hopi people were approached in 1976 when the proposed Viking satellite was scheduled to gather data on Mars, they had information clay tablets, likely given by the Anunnaki, perhaps a sort of selection process is happening and those 'in tune' with things are being silently called?

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