So what is the future?

So the question is what next?

This is the situation that likely faces the American Indian peoples as much as those outside of that group. 

It is a question of how they see their place in the world, either on the reservations or outside of those places.

Their biggest strength I would say to ensure their future success is their culture and heritage.

The options they face in a changed world are how they will exist in that new world. It is a question of living with modern things like technology but not forgetting their culture.

The world in general is a troubled place and it is now ready for some positive leadership that is not afraid to point out the failings it finds itself facing.

As a species, we need a new way forward, the time for consumerism is overdue for review, we only have one planet and we are living beyond the means of it. They say that 'money talks' but it seems that only consumers listen. When money talks, principles seem to go out of the window. Along with commonsense.

The only people with the answers are the American Indian people, they lived the better life way back centuries ago. There is an old saying about cutting your cloth, we are now in danger of having too ambitious plans of our metaphorical clothing demands and as a result not having enough cloth to meet that design.

I have pointed out to some people the premise, that did they know of a culture that had no crime, no taxes, no money, where the people were safe whatever their age, no violence, no addiction ....? the list goes on.

(When I say those tenets existed, people are amazed. More so when I tell them who the people who enjoyed this life were.)

It is all their current people aspire to and fail to achieve, inspite of their material wealth and consumer habits.

The future is that there is only one future. We have no real option but to do something about our current consumption or we face the obvious consequences.   

The situation demands leadership from those with the obvious skills - the American Indian people.

We have had enough notifications from the American Indian people that things must change, change must now occur. 


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