Our lives do not stand still!

I was thinking the other day that over the last 20 plus years, I have come to acquire much new knowledge. When I think back thirty years, I know so much more than then, but this new knowledge is more than just acquisition, it is the quality and relevance that I find amazing.

I often used to think about some people I knew of that maybe had a hobby that they did all their lives or worked in job all their lives and it seemed interesting to analyse their outlook. My life has been the opposite, although I have about 4 main hobbies, the rest of my own life has been about change and changing situations.

It all goes back to the question why am I here? Aged 12, I looked at this planet and wondered at it, it seemed like some sort of unfinished project.

At one job interview I had it was observed I had moved jobs a lot, that was partly due to the economic situation, a few years before I had read of the Star Seed phenomena and recognised a lot in that that applied to me.

But I still couldn't work out what I was doing here. 

Most other people I encounter have their lives all sewn up, they have a house, a relationship, career, what is normality, but I observed I seemed to be drifting and could not seem to put roots down anywhere.

But that was the whole point, I wasn't supposed to.

I realised recently what it was all about and that was change, I was the change agent in things, not by choice but by some sort of design that was beyond my control. Looking back now it seems that because we are all unique unlike robots who do not have spontaneity, that certain people could affect situations, either positively or for the worse. 

Nothing ever stands still, everything is in some constant state of change, whether that is decay, accumulation, growth, decline, it goes round in a circular path, just as the Red people have observed.

Looking back over the last 20 plus years, the things I now look at are all connected, they are all pertaining to our future and the big disclosure that will surely come soon. It seems to me that things lead on to other things and my varied existence has been to learn and observe and then to help others with this combined knowledge. 

I had no real idea of what I wanted to do as a job after leaving school, particularly after one of my options did not materialise, so I was always seeking the purpose of what to do. Writing has been one thing I developed over the years and with my new knowledge gathered in the last quarter century, things are falling into place.

Perhaps my true purpose of education and helping others is being achieved through this jumbled life I seem to have led!

One path I was on was in research on a book project about the history of humans and robots, this led to seeing some work on Lakota wisdom and knowledge, it was from that interest I looked deeper into the Lakota culture and the pieces are falling into place. 

However, I do encounter many people who lead very boring lives, they have no real interests and even though they may have a university education, they don't really know anything or seem to be able to grasp even simple concepts it seems, so would I swap with them? 

No. My slightly jumbled up life is far more interesting and in the next 20 years I know I have a lot of work to do which I hope will provide enlightenment for many.

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  • Thank you so much for this sharing of your experience, strength, and hope.  I can so relate.  I hope to read more from you.  Blessings and love...C

    • Hi Christine, this story I covered mostly in my big reply to you, but one thing I didn't mention was the change agent thing, for many years I observed that wherever I went change happened, places I worked closed down, people moved on, I moved on etc. It started me to think that all of this was somehow this was my fault, but the reality was that change happened and I had to be there to experience it and take something on to somewhere else and learn more.

      I used to feel really bad about the fact that I seemed to be some sort of 'bad luck' but when I look back, a lot of these change events I was part of were for a reason for renewal.

      I think that the Great Mystery compensates people, as I said in this above story, I have met a lot of boring people and people I work with now are not on the same 'wavelength' as me, they don't understand the Red people's culture, nor star seeds, empaths or all the things I am about and which many of your heritage are.

      I may have a bit of a jumbled up life that just evolves, but it is very full and positive, it was funny recently, I joined a music band and started to talk to a couple of people there and just casually dropped in a few things to see if they would notice and they could not believe some of the things I was telling them, not to be bigheaded here, but when I mentioned there are Big Cats (Cougar size) where I live now, they were turned loose in 1976 when the Wild animals act came in to law and they have survived in the wild. Also the UFO interest and having found links between the Anunnaki, the American Indian peoples, Sumer (now Iraq), ancient Egypt, Enki the Anunnaki deity who created a branch of human species, Enki the Eagle deity who helped the red people travel from the remains of Atlantis to America, and that sort of thing.

      What really excites me is that in the last 3 years or so, the world has been undergoing a change, I had a really bad 2016 and in 2017 this righted and I am 10 times happier and things are falling into place, I think this is because we are approaching the Age of Aquarius, Aquarians are far sighted people, I think this applies to the Indian people, many non-Indian people are also 'awakening' and I think that the prophecies are coming true that there will be a new age, we all live many lives and many outside of the Indian peoples may have lived lives as Indian people, we only inherit the genetic material from our parents, the spirit is what drives us and our consciousness, if you out of body, you will realise that you are not dead, I have done this a number of times through projection, you realise that there is no death, only your world changes. The Hopi people came in ethereal form, that is what our spirit is, you are fully aware of everything. Its great. I think a time of 'judgement' will come and those who have lived the authentic life whatever their origins will be saved. I prefer the Indian spirituality as it is about guidance and nurture, religion is all about control and restriction. It has been a varied life! I read about your bio, you have really been through things, keep going it will work out!




  • Good blog Matt! I still feel as if I don't really know what my purpose is but my footsteps seem to be on a path of some sort and when I look back, the journey from 'there' to 'here' makes some kind of sense. I try to make sure I have done 'something positive' by the end of each day - and follow Hippocrates as closely as possible - 'do no harm'. 

    • Hi Sue,

      I thought my life would be simple by following the herd into finding a partner, getting a house etc etc but this did not materialise and as a result I have been an observer, watching and learning, now some time later, I am in a position where I have much knowledge and can use it.

      I wondered what my purpose was here, I found out when I read what a star seed was that it was me, then it was to find out my mission here, now 20 years on I have found that it seems to have been to learn and help others. 

      The strange thing is that now after 20 years I have sort of worked out what I am here for!

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