Meeting a Wolf spirit

I came across the Lakota man that wrote this the other week

I found the person who wrote this quote on a Friends of the Lakota facebook page last week and I mentioned my Wolf sighting, he told me what he thought it meant.

A Wolf sighting in the country,not uncommon you might say, except where I encountered my Wolf, they had been hunted to extinction some three hundred plus years ago. So, was I mistaken? Was it a Dog? Was the fact I was six years old come into it? I don't believe so, in fact I can still see what I saw then. And the man in the space suit at the same location about a month later. Clear as then.

I have seen many Indian writings that say we have lived many lives, having had my own 'out of body' experience, I can believe that there is no death, only a change of worlds. But back to my story.

So this is what I saw side on - it shouldn't have been there -

I know what I saw and it was no dog

My story of my encounter begins in 1972, I was aged 6 and I was out for a walk with my grandparents in some woodlands in a place called Wisley in Surrey, England, not the Surrey near the Lakota lands in Dakota. Mind you, perhaps it was an accident I was sent to the wrong Surrey? but I digress.

The roads then weren't so busy and the M25 Motorway wasn't there then!

On the map above we had travelled down Wisley Lane and had parked up at the edge of the common and went for a walk in the woods. I had been to this location a few times before and a number of times later but only on two occasions did I have interesting encounters at this place.

This is similar to the scene at Wisley Woods where I saw the Wolf

I used to like to explore, but not far from my grandparents and suddenly in front of me, walking straight across in front of me was a Grey Wolf. At this time, I was not fond of dogs, having been frightened by one when I was about 3.

But the strange thing was that I just stood and watched the Wolf walk on across my path, I realised it seemed strange that it had not noticed me, but at the same time I did not feel scared of it, even with my fear of dogs then.

The Lakota man who I told the story of this vision said it was likely a Wolf spirit, I wondered some years later whether it had been some sort of a timeshift and the Wolf and I had crossed paths as dimensions crossed. Knowing now that I have psychic gifts, I think the Wolf spirit explanation is likely true.

The Wolf was what I would call a normal size and perhaps young or female. That's the first one.

I told my grandparents what I had seen and they said I was mistaken, there were no Wolves, but it must have been a dog. But they didn't seem to remember that I had a fear if dogs then and let it go. But I know that was no dog.

Old picture of an Indian and his Wolf friend. A great picture.

My second sighting at this location is a bit more other worldly, you might think I was making an association with my sighting, when you see the next picture, but I know what I saw.

My jacket patch from when I was about 5 years old -

I grew up in the 'Space race' decades of the 60's and 70's

So, about a month later in the same area of woods, I had my what I call 'Spaceman' encounter.

Silver Birch trees grow around this part of the woods

Again, I had gone off to explore and in the picture above, the first tree prominent in the left of the picture with the hanging foliage on the right of it is just like the tree where the 'Spaceman' went.

I only saw this momentarily, but what I saw was like the Astronaut in the patch above, from the back, in plain sight, then walk through the hanging Silver Birch foliage and was gone from sight.

So what did I see? Well a biped, like us I guess, but wearing the ribbed like suit as in my patch, but I can remember the fabric of the suit was like a rusty canvas material, I didn't see a helmet I recall as the figure walked straight through the foliage and was gone from sight.

I never mentioned this sighting to my grandparents, as my Wolf sighting had been dismissed as wrong. I didn't feel any fear and I certainly can recall this sight now, the fleeting brown suited shape going through the foliage. It wasn't a human I am sure of that.

Maybe that is why I have frequent contact with Star People who turn up around where I live now with their silver craft.

My next encounter with star people was 26 years later, when I saw a group of three glowing human like figures about eight to ten feet tall standing beside an electricity pylon and then disappeared from view into thin air.

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  • Hi Christine, glad you liked my story here which is 100% true. I've been experiencing what most people call 'paranormal' things since I was about two years old, the first being the ghost of a Tudor man from 1600's England when I was on holiday with my parents in a very old house in Devon, England. I clearly remember the white ruff around the collar the man had. 

    I have had many experiences over the years with out of body, (so I know as the Indian's say there is no death, just a change of worlds), ghosts, UFO sightings and encounters with hybrids and shapeshifters that walk among us. I am also a Star Seed, a Lakota man told me that we are all star seeds and that is right, but for those outside of the Red people, they have largely lost the ability to know what a star seed is.

    I knew years ago I was different, when I was 12, I came up with the idea that this planet was like some unfinished project, it just seemed to make little sense that generations would just repeat the same stuff, why did things not progress in generational 'leaps' like the space decades when things moved on so fast? 

    In 1997 I think, I found a 'star seed' quiz in the back of a UFO book I had been given, there were 30 questions and I agreed with 26 of those 100%. Those questions fitted me like a glove, so the question then was what is my purpose here? Like the Indian wisdom says, you have everything within you to succeed and I started to slowly work out what my purpose was here. 

    I had moved around a lot I would say until I was 11, about 6 times I moved house, when I got into work, I did not really know what I wanted to do after my career I had chosen wasn't employing, so I had a job I was in as a temporary measure and just went from job to job. But I did learn a lot, I tended to gravitate to older people as I have since I was small, I found children frankly just 'childish,' I figured that I couldn't learn much from them, adults I could learn much from.

    I found that the adults who were from previous generations who had been around as far back as before WW1 had so much I could learn, so I got to know them and learned much. To cut a long story short, I started to write books around 1995 when I had to leave a job when I was injured, so I started writing for my own pleasure.

    Years later I was researching for a book on Robots and Humans which compares humans from arriving on this planet and the first robots reported 5000bc in Sumeria, which have a link via Atlantis and the Annunaki to Enki the Eagle who helped the American Indians reach America. In this research I came across some Navajo Indian wisdom quotes and I started to delve into these and then got into the Lakota culture and heritage and this has established my purpose partly.

    When I came across the situation on Pine Ride reservation, I felt something had to be done. I had over my 20 or so years previously gathered a wide range of experience as jobs came and went through company takeovers and the like, so I had gained valuable real world experience. It seemed that I could provide free business development and economic development help to the reservations, so I have given this free. 

    My observation is that the people need hope, understand that there are people outside of their fence that care and want to see these people live a life which they are entitled to, not the life they have to endure. I find it incredible that the richest nation on Earth allows some of its people to exist in the conditions found on the reservations. Unbelievable. So my mission seems to be clear, to learn many things and to help others.

    I also am an empath which I believe many Indians are, I also believe that the Indian peoples because they have a mostly undiluted genetic ancestry right back to the ancestors, have retained many skills such as telepathy, universal law observance for instance and contact with the 'Star people' which those outside have mostly lost this contact.

    The 'Star people' are our true ancestors, we would not be on this planet without them, we did not just come down out of the trees and decided to start walking upright, anthropologists seem to want to find the 'missing link' there isn't one, except off this planet. We are all 'aliens' here I guess! back to the story...

    Now the Wolf sighting was special, a Lakota man told me that this was a Wolf spirit, I think he was right. In England where this sighting happened, people could keep wild animals legally, but about 4 years after my encounter, the law was changed and you had to obtain a permit, get inspected and have insurance if you wanted something bigger than a dog as a pet, like a Wolf or a Big Cat like a Lion .

    At the time of this encounter, I was not keen on dogs as one had attacked me when I was small, so you might think I would be afraid of the Wolf I saw. I wasn't which was the strange thing. In fact it was not until about two or more years later that I overcame this fear of dogs.

    Thinking back to this sighting now, I have a photographic memory and can still recall things like this sighting and the Tudor man even now. None of the details change. The creature I saw was not an Alsation dog which was what my Grandparents told me I had seen, this was not one of those, the muzzle was too short and the size of the creature was female adult wolf but not large.

    As I recall this sighting now it seemed remarkably quiet, I was alone and my grandparents were near but did not see the Wolf, often people do not see ghosts or entities when others clearly do. It was almost like everything was still, maybe in the area I was, everything else was frozen for a minute or so whilst I saw the Wolf.

    It was almost as though the Wolf was unaware of me, if this had been a real Wolf, would it have seen me as a potential meal? I know animals have spirits as I have seen some of the cats we have had as pets who have since died after their death, they have come back and I have seen them and seen them disappear from sight. Perhaps, this Wolf was a spirit from another era and maybe we had some connection in a previous life.

    This area was very near to where I saw the Astronaut about a month later and six years later and six miles away as the crow flies, I saw my first daylight UFO which was magnificent, this time I was with a group of people and only I saw it, it was also at a wooded area and about 30 feet off the ground, I can see it now.

    I hope you have liked these recollections, just ask if you want to know more.



    • Matt..This is somethin else eh?! Whoa! I want to know more and more. I want to know more about star seeds too. I am an empath for sure, but I'm not psychic, or anything like that. I have seen some cool things in the sky though.

      I am moved to share with you what i know to be true.

      I am, we are, in the midst of a huge spiritual wakening, and my purpose has been given to me by creator, and by my nature, not hocus pocus as my saucy self would say. I am sharing my story with my fellow, and I have absolutely zero fear or shame or embarrassment in telling you, that I am leading our vulnerable, our weak, our everyday people, away from the sickness of mind, that has been thrust, and inflicted upon us here in Canada. And know this. Canada, and all those wakeful to the truth... To creator... To god... To life... Will lead the free world. We are huge in number, and we are in for the most wonderful of happenings recorded.

      It is sickness to actually believe we can quash life; That creator has abandoned us to the psychopathy of this world. The issues are many, they all matter, one is not more important than the other, and the entire world is well aware of all of them. From poverty to suicide to starvation to genocide, and to any unspeakable crime against humanity, to the absolute rape of flora and fauna, and our wonderful host mother, it is pure hopelessness that allows us to believe that horrible circumstances cannot, or will not change. Hopelessness is sickness, and this human sickness, is a parasite of sorts. I sometimes describe it as the auto mind on crack. Creator has given me immunity to this parasite, through recognition of ignorance to facts and my addiction to stigma, and labelling, most of which was created in my circumstance, through institutionalization, and very sick Crown influence. Every single one of our sufferings in this world is absolutely fueled by ignorance, stigma, and cruelty, and we are erasing it from the equation. The elements are difficult to cope with after all.

      Tzi, my sweet nagual, has shown me justice, how to lead with truth, mercy, and example. Being tempered with torture, and flourishing in mercy is a beautiful thing, and I would do it all over again in a flash, to show the truth, and bring healing to all of our brothers and sisters. All of us, no matter who we are, or where we come from. There is something so indescribable about loyalty and compassion and conviction in one.

      I was that little girl burned in a fire at three simply because there were no well adults to protect me. I was that girl sexually abused at three too. I was that little girl ripped from her momma at nine by crown authorities, simply because there was no one there to stop it. I was that child teaching spiritual truths and justice at eleven, and mocked and abandoned. I was that girl who turned away from god because of ridicule and fear. I was that girl on the street at thirteen. I was that girl at the mercy of perverted men. I was that girl abused by doctors. I was that girl abused by priests. I was that girl who barely had enough to eat. I was that girl who no body believed. I was that woman with the needle hanging out of her arm, and judged, and abandoned, as if it were a clear path chosen and deserved. I was that woman scorned and beaten, and many times near death, and labelled unimportant. I was that woman who's children were taken, not by the courts, but because she was mistaken. I was that woman who thought she was abandoned by god, and the only one.

      Key word was!

      Matt, I do not believe in co incidence, generally speaking. I am exactly where I am supposed and destined to be, and gratitude is who I am. What I can find painful now, through what I have let go, is seeing this sickness strike my fellow, but the fact that I can see the utter miracle of my life, strengthens and boosts me in ways I never thought possible. I choose to feel amazing, to be able to see this broken heart in others. The cure is here, always has been, and those who choose life get to see, feel, and experience it.

      I hated my own guts, and this was probably the kind of hate that drives the world's barbaric acts. But, I saw through all of the despair, injustice, unspoken truths, violations, and abandonment. I learned the difference between accountability and shame. I saw through it all, and I love still. There is not a thing that could surprise me about humanity, nor a thing I could not forgive. It is beautiful. Rip my face off and I will hug you still.

      Though I keep no date, I will never forget, around this time last year, I was very deeply grieving the loss of my family, and had learned even the infamous Karla Homolka had a family, and children who love her. Yet, in my circumstances, having not participated in serial murder, I was expected to believe I didn't deserve this simple happiness. I do not say this to be cruel to Karla, I am simply stating the fact that woke me up. The logic of it all makes me chuckle to this day. When I realized the absolute absurdity, of what most people I was born to, or were in my life, expected me to believe, that I didn't even deserve a family or friends, I was freed. Freed from illogical self loathing. Logic rocks!

      One truth after another began unfolding before my eyes, and I saw the sickness around me, and stopped blaming and hating myself. Before long, having corrected this one false belief about myself and life, I started to stop being afraid, I accepted the truth of forgiveness for my actual actions in life, from god, and I was spared this sickness of mind. I finally accepted my humanity, and I am fearless. It's a hard thing to accept true love when you've been fooled, through ignorance, shame, and fear, to believe in its opposite. This is simply a fact.

      I spoke a wee bit about the cyber bullying and manipulation, and lack of protection, I've recently experienced during my activism, in my bio, but this, along with my life experience, is filling a book. And, it has created the platform with which I will wipe the crown's bloody floor up, with Mr. Trudeau's beautiful hair. I say thank god for mercy, because I am human, and this despicable oppression, injustice, and indescribable crime against humanity will not stand here in Canada.

      In and around March 1, 2018, I will begin my trek to Attawapiskat, Ontario, to see our children, and our families, who are in need of all of us, not just me. And it is for all around the world that I chose this place. And I am raising wakefulness and money for our family there, on the way. And, while this march I am doing is for the general healing of our human family, the beginning is for our babies, running from this world, or feeling like that there is no place or purpose in this world for them, because I love them so much. I feel their pain, and so does god. And because no doctor or mental health professional or drug will share the truth that we are loved no matter what, and that each and every one of us is unique and precious, with purpose at the tips of our imagination. We have love, creator, god, life, and we are in need of recognizing that. No ifs, ands, or buts, about it. Unconditional love.

      And this wakening cannot happen on-line. Ignorance, stigma, and cruelty flourish in virtual reality. And it is a fallacy that the world is on-line, as grim reality tell the real story. We cannot face truth over wires. We deserve justice, and the chance to overcome ignorance that leads to cruelty, and the on-line world is available only under certain circumstances, and is only a way to believe one has escaped truth and reality. It cannot allow for true reconciliation. Indeed, technology exists to enhance our lives, not to keep us ignorant, under control, and isolated from one another. It's too easy to be fooled and taken advantage of, just by trusting in your fellow, and such motivation to keep us in a world like that, does not belong to the well-minded. When tech is used in this effort, it will for documentation, advertising, and professional networking only.

      As a matter of fact, any further sharing of my personal story or this effort, via tech, outside of conversation with you or any other member on this site, or public talks, will occur on my Beginzwithme blog, for the purpose of storytelling, documenting, and quite naturally, yet strategically, attracting advertisers and fundraising.

      A true Ministry of Learning from History. There is no way out of any of this, and only those, ill-minded, would actually want to escape relief. This genocidal fog has dissipated, and it is wonderful to see how I, we, can use the net to find ways to actually meet people, and raise funds to give to our fellow in need along the way.

      This upcoming first week of the new year is very exciting. My wee bro Bah Alpha from the Gambia, West Africa, is helping me plan my routes, from Whitby, North to Attawapiskat, then East to Cape Spear, then West to Dawson City, and finally to Ottawa. Bah is my best friend, yet less than four months ago, I didn't have a clue he existed.

      While most were calling me crazy, and trying to scold or punish me for reacting to, and begging for protection from, paedophile hackers and violating, manipulating, predatory on-line stalkers, and for simply saying humans deserve to live, he reached out to me, and reassured me I was healthy for being offended and frightened, and for caring for our vulnerable. That I was quite well for standing up to the Fentanyl poisonings. I have found great healing from friendship with my new found brother, and against all advice, and warnings of him being a scammer, I've gladly helped him too. It doesn't matter what anyone says to me because for a bag of rice and beans, I will never look back on the hell that was my life. I could not pay this boy all the gold in the world to abandon me. It's awesome.

      I even find myself happily reflecting on good times, and wellness with my family. I have found those moments of clarity in my childhood. I now know why I asked my mom at three, "but what if the devil asked god to forgive him?". And I now know why i was the luckiest girl in the world, to have a mom that answered, "He would Chrissy Poo, He would". I have my root in my mother. I remember that day so well, and I hope I gave something that beautiful to my babies. Oh! And it's her birthday too! Rosemary Elizabeth Hopkins. Happy birthday mom, may you rest in peace, and know you are precious, loved, and cherished.

      And this coming week also brings the continuation of my website., as I write, is at the state it was before all the trauma in my effort, but when I said we would we would march on Ottawa this year, I meant it. The website in its current state will be screen shot, and will then continue as a blog, documenting and communicating, this entire movement to the world. #NOONEDESERVESTODIEFORBEINGHUMAN!! And I will be asking #WHORUCANADA??

      Talk about a cup full of iniquities! We, all of us, have done it all. But listen. It's not our fault. Turning on ourselves, and then on each other, is sickness, it's parasitical like a snake eating its own head, and sickness is never about fault. My platform is sensability! If you find yourself looking for reasons to assign the blame for sickness on the afflicted, you are not well, and you will be ok. And that is a general statement too, as afflictions innumerably vary, and we are all so loved and protected either which way. It doesn't matter the argument, and healing will happen whether we want it or not. This is the awesomeness of god. Only the sick want to stay sick. Healing comes with rest and care, and god is is a healer. life. Life gives life and death gives death. Law. It's just logic love is. And it's the wonderful end to suffering for all of us. I am dreaming wolf, and all players are exactly where I see they are.

      I have had a wonderful new years day, and I have enjoyed writing. I am so glad you have shared your stories here, have welcomed me with open dialogue, a chance to hear more of your recollections, and that this platform feels safe, because we give each other courage when we share. Thank you for this, I am free to be me, and have expressed much. For now, it's bedtime, so I'll leave ya with an awesome tune.

      Nite! Blessings!


  • Wow! Incredible!  i would like to know more about you and your experiences.  Please tell me how i may.  i am wolf.  i am fearless.  I am healer, not is an amazing story.  Thank you....Much love and blessings...C

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