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Can we wash away negative energy?

Have many lost the way to commune with the universe's energy?

I read recently that much of our genetic material is unused, so why is it there? Likely because our ancestors from off the planet had it and when they created us, it was in place but unused.

Which may make you ask again, why it is there? Perhaps it is for a perceived future human that may need reconnecting to a higher state, the wiring is all in place and just needs genetic connection.

This book is one of the best I have read on the UFO encounters subject 

The Anunnaki who have connections to the Middle East, were highly advanced humanoids, from which part of our species was created. Some of their capabilities were retained and some were 'not connected' - leaving the door open for the future when we were created for enhancement.

We are still 'connected' in some ways but in others we are disconnected. 

So I was thinking about psychic energy vibes, we impart them to things and I wondered if we do the same with clothes.

Do we just feel better because we have washed our clothes or because we have washed away the vibes that are trapped in the fibres? It is like cleaning up a house and taking away things that you no longer need, it makes you feel better, are the vibes being absorbed or reflected from these objects?

We do impart our energy to things, psychometry is the reading of vibes which some people are gifted at.

Washing away the bad vibes is a good thing. 

So this unconnected wiring we have may be the means by which we achieve advanced communication in a more advanced version of ourselves.

If we only rely on a small amount of network, then maybe that is all we can use with our currently wired brain, had we the capabilities of the Anunnaki in this respect, we would be literally superhuman.

Perhaps this dormant network we have could be used as a massive array of information and awareness network, otherwise why build it in? I know that those who are enlightened in spiritual matters are able to develop this out, perhaps they are anomalies that have extra power by some sort of mutation? 

It is a bit like SETI that looks for signals of other life in space, the problem with that is the means used to send the message may have changed, look how we have moved from analogue to digital communication in the last 20 years, we may be getting messages from other civilisations coming to us but we can't read them or capture them because they are beyond our frequency and our equipment's means of interpreting things.

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'Ant Friends' artefact from Illinois cave

In a recent post I talked about the 'Ant People' who helped the Hopi Indians, I recently came across this picture of an artefact found in a cave in Illinois which reflects that story well. So is this genuine?

It could well be, the 6 pointed star design is one pointer (often used on craft wares), the 'Ant' like biped looks to be female in body but with an 'ant like' head, if we bear in mind that the Hopi and similar tribes had little modern reference points to which to describe what they saw or encountered, then 'Ant' was likely the most convenient and appropriate description.

The scarf like garment has an interesting symbol, I have seen similar designs to this recently in some thing I was looking at. The moon and the star details may allude to the being having come from off the planet 'from the stars'

I thought this was a really interesting artefact. There is no date I have for this artefact or how hard the stone was, it may be a fairly soft stone that a hard mineral like Obsidian could etch or work.

See more about these finds at  

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The Lakota people are right, all are related

Did the great Chief Sitting Bull relate a tale of great importance to Buffalo Bill?

The story here came from a 1950's Buffalo Bill annual published in 1951. In this book, Buffalo Bill related a story he had hear from a 'Great Indian Chief' he stated. This may have been Sitting Bull, who Buffalo Bill (William Cody) knew well.

The story related to Cody was called 'The Great Indian flood.' In this the Chief related a story of when the planet was young and 'mighty men ruled the Earth.' In the illustrations these 'men' are shown as taller than the trees and the Buffalo are dwarfed by them, indeed, in respect of the illustration, they are of a size that correallates to 'Giants' described in one of the historic Lakota stories about a Giant that was pursued and killed by Lakota braves after it had taken away a Lakota woman.

In the Cody story, the 'Great Mystery' the great creator was not referred to as Wakan Tanka, but as Nan-Tan-In-Chor. It is said that the giants displeased the great mystery by stating that they were greater and so the great creator sent a great rain down on them.

So the giants made for the highest peaks to escape the waters but did not escape the deluge.

It was then stated that the great creator made man again, smaller this time once the waters had subsided.

Now, we have other sources for a great flood and one wonders why the American Indian should also know of the 'biblical' type of deluge? That was a mystery to me until I came across this information. But that is no mere coincidence.

The Chief went on to tell how this situation post flood lead onto how the different colour people came to be. This also correalates to ancient Sumeria, from the dawn of creation in that region, the story fits in a basic form.

In Sumeria, thousands of years back, an interpretation was made of how we came about and it was stated that we (humans) were 'Adamu' - from the clay or from the Earth. This 'Adamu' was the first successful Male created, the first created person was a woman called Lillith in that experiment. This maybe why the Indian peoples refer to 'Mother Earth' perhaps.

The Chief stated that the great creator had made men 'from clay' this cannot be coincidence as we will discover later on. It was stated that when the creator baked the clay that the first was a dark man, the Negro, then he baked the second for less time and achieved the white man. Lastly he 'averaged' the time and got the Red Man.

The original Sumerian story was backed up by the fact it had been inscribed in Cuneiform language on clay tablets thousands of years ago. More of a coincidence was that Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe carried the above Sumerian clay tablet in his medicine bag, this tablet was a receipt for a Lamb.

This raises the question of how Chief Joseph obtained this artefact? But it gets stranger. The Sumerians were said to be guided by a people who were taller than them at around 12 feet high called the Anunnaki. The Hopi were also helped by a small height creature that they called 'Ant friends,' but the Hopi phrase for them was 'Anu-nakki' - it is also no coincidence that many Hopi words and phrases are either directly same or similar to a number of Sumerian language phrases, to achieve this by pure chance is pretty much an impossibility mathematically. So it must be fact.

So these original great giants? Many skeletons of 'giants' have been uncovered across the planet. In America, many have been found, some were said to have 5 fingers and were much taller than the Indian peoples. Perhaps this is why the Indian raised a hand to show the fingers so that it would be immediately apparent who you were dealing with!

A number of skeletons of 'giants' are in the Smithsonian, but apparently cannot be found.

However, other skeletons exist which prove the point.

Which brings us to how there is this apparent connection to the area of Sumeria? Well, that is due to Atlantis. That is disputed to exist, but a number of the tribes from the southern United States are believed to have originated there.

As I often say to people who are unaware of the rich culture and heritage of the American Indian, they are often quite surprised to hear about how much they were unaware of.

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