Whoever wields the most power is most responsible, and mistakes/fatal error were made by all involved in the second battle at Wounded Knee 2, and continued to be ongoing. There were many who pulled the trigger that caused the death of the 2 agents, all inclusive and especially what and who led up to these deaths… all are responsible for these deaths – and should not be the pay back by one individual as the responsible party. It is probably the arguing principal for “collateral damage” kind of thing. There were a number of deaths related to this battle, as well as injury, disappearance,murder as well as a cornucopia of false information, and keeping Peltier in prison or putting him there in the first place doesn’t change this. But it is worse case scenario, by making Leonard the issue instead of recognizing what the core dynamics/truths that manifested this uprising and continued struggle in the first place. It is an american panacea that puts people in prison to pretend that takes care of a “problem”. Leonard Peltier, no matter his personality does not deserve the LIVING DEATH SENTENCE of life in prison, no parole, for this crime committed by many. He does not. It is simply true that Mr. Peltier DID NOT receive a fair trial. His trial helped set a stage for the contemporary demise of our justice system. This continues to contribute to the loss of other personal freedoms because this part of our country’s history IS governments persecution of it’s citizens, which government wants to amend by the imprisonment of one man. The more things stay the same with Manning, Assange, Snowden, Swartz(rip)… or ‘bad guys’ Hussein, Bin Laden,McVeigh, etc…

Peltier was/remains vicim of time and place and much much much more. He was/is on the side of the people and that is who we have to listen to… is the people, not government or media telling us about the people. We have to take the real side of the real people not the governments side right? btw, Peltier has some good company on his side, speaking of people.

Did he do it? After trial Feds stated “We had a murder, we had numerous shooters, we do not know who specifically fired what killing shots… we do not know, quote-unquote, who shot the agents.” Personally, I think not, seems to be a finely designed agenda for a scapegoat that I continue to see replayed today. To me, one persons guilt is not the issue here – there is more. It is way past time to release Mr. Peltier for a healing that this country is in desperate need of, and time for a different way of doing/thinking things.  

~Pilamayaye Myoglasi~

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  • This sounds like a near 40 year old murder / burglary case I am looking at  - they got the wrong people for that one. The truth remains, it cannot be changed. It just needs to be found and presented so that it cannot be refuted because it is right. 

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