Atlantis the island of the Red people

Atlantis – the Red Island and the Red People

We've heard of the legendary island of Atlantis, a legend disputed by many but believed by some – yet evidence exists to prove it was there.We have to go back to the Plato the ancient Greek philosopher, who wrote about Atlantis, this information he used came from ancient Sumerian Clay tablets, those of you who read my recent article will know that Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce carried one of these Clay tablets in his medicine bag.

There have been other Sumerian Clay tablets unearthed in America – the question is how did they get there? The answer is intriguing and linked to the American Indian people, some of whom did come from Atlantis - its a rather intricate story, but perhaps here for the first time, we can show the connection.

This also explains why the American Indian people have enhanced spiritual and psychic abilities. And why extra terrestrial life is 'denied' yet it is the very reason we are here and why NASA sought information from the Hopi people before it set the Voyager satellite to survey Mars in 1976. The reason is that Mars was once colonised before its civilisation was destroyed by war.

The evidence for Atlantis is scant, but some is there geologically, yet even here, some experts refuse to believe it. Let us go back to Plato the Greek Philosopher of ancient Greece, who wrote a work called 'Timaeus,' which described Atlantis effectively.In his sister work 'Critias,' he mentions a valuable ore second only to Gold in value, named 'Orichalcum' which was mined on Atlantis. In 2015, ingots of this metal were found in an ancient shipwreck off Sicily. So that's one possible physical link, the other is people.

We have to go back millions of years to start with human history. The question has to be why are we different from everything else on the planet? If we are supposed to have come out of the trees 8 million years ago and started walking upright as some believe, then why have Primates we are supposed to have evolved from, not continued their similar progress to be like us? Is there a missing link species between us and Primates? No, there never was. We are not the first like us to be here.

'Scientists' persist with the 'Out of Africa' theory, when evidence clearly shows alternatives.

The stark truth is that we are an 'intervention species.' So, what about the biblical story of creation? Well, that is true in fact but the real story has been lost in translation, we have to refer to the Sumerian sources. The American Indian people knew this creation story to be true, it may have come from the same source - the Anunnaki, who created life in Sumer, which is now Iraq thousands of years ago.

The definable recorded source of human creation was that humans came 'from the Clay' essentially from the Earth. This is a literal explanation, it meant 'from the planet,' not from Clay itself. Although the American Indians believe that four attempts to fashion a human were made in which four colours came about, white, red, yellow and black, coincidentally the same colours of the medicine wheel. They could have been told from the 'literal' Clay for simplicity. It could be a matter of translation. The Anunnaki are the link. Who were they?

Our human race is not the first human incarnation on this planet. We are the third. Did we evolve from primates? Our closest Earth link is the Chimpanzee but at only 92% genetically similar, this is way off beam, why? Humans & Chimpanzees can't interbreed. The Chimpanzee anthropology is all wrong compared to Humans, we can't have evolved from them because the nuts and bolts of it are that the Chimpanzee is engineered differently, not for walking upright as we do permanently, for a start. However, there are other closer primates.

A now extinct primate called Homo Erectus seems to have come from nowhere, walked upright and was believed to be an ancestor of ours yet no 'missing link' exists. What of Neanderthal man? An experiment that did not survive. They were likely created by Terraformers who millions of years earlier looked to create a species on Earth in their own image, using genetic parts from existing creatures to build a hybrid that could survive on the planet.

So let us look at the tribes and their origins and their link to the Anunnaki. To start with, the Anunnaki are from off this planet, their home planet is said to be Nibiru, we can find much evidence in the clay tablets found in Iraq which was known as Sumer a long time ago.These tablets and pictorial representations, show ancient visitations and the establishment of perhaps the first advanced society with laws, commerce, manufacturing and agriculture, first recorded at least 11000bc.The Anunnaki came to Earth to look for Gold. You would think an advanced race would bring a robot fleet of workers with them to extract materials on a 24/7/52 basis - continually, yet they brought with them people from their situation – essentially human looking creatures to do the work.Nibiru was an oddity, it orbited the Sun in a 3600 year orbit, yet did so against the orbit of the other planets we are surrounded by. As such, it collided with Tiamat and broke away what became our planet, hence they knew that Gold existed on their planet and when it ran out, they knew to look elsewhere. Here.

Nibiru was disruptive and its close proximity orbit to Earth on occasions, led to the shift of the magnetic poles and the end of the Dinosaurs.The mission to Earth to mine the Gold was led by Enlil and Enki. Enki was a scientist and geneticist. After some time, the workers tired of their labour and revolted, leaving Enki to create a race of workers.

Enki's mother was from the Pleiades a star constellation - the name Pleiades is also recorded as Paal- Ea -Daus – 'The place of our Lord Father, the Creator' 'Daus, close to Deus, the word for God. See how close this is sounding to the biblical texts, which were drawn from the Sumerian Clay tablets. It is near the Taurus constellation the Lakota people are known as 'Tatanka Oyate' the Buffalo people, the Bull and the Buffalo are not dissimilar. Another point is how did the Lakota people arrive at a horological system of 12 creatures like the Zodiac we use? They did not use time as we do.

Let us look at the tribes, The Mayan & Hunbatz spoke of the 7 Pleidean brothers who would return, the Hopi consider themselves direct Pleidean descendants, as do the Cherokee and Lakota, the Navajo call the Pleiades the Sparkling suns, the Iroquois an offshoot of the Cherokee pray to the Pleiades for happiness. So how does this connect to Atlantis?Through Sumeria.Enki's situation was to have to help create a new species which became us, using the basic Homo Erectus primate – 'from the Earth' to help. This served a purpose in that it was acclimatised to the planet, the Anunnaki were to an extent, but not completely.

To this end they planted a resource of plants which were effectively food supplements to allow them not to age or deteriorate as we do. This was at Edin, or Eden as it is referred to now. A water supply there also existed, this resource was solely the preserve of the Anunnaki and was out of bounds to the people they created, indeed, the garden was monitored by a robotic sentry with 'a flaming sword' a laser weapon, the story is illustrated on a cylinder seal and recorded on Clay tablets in the story of the 'Ordeal of Gilgamesh,' where Gilgamesh, a half human, half Anunnaki (demi-God) sought immortality and tried to get into the Garden of Edin to eat the special fruits and drink the water. Where Adam and Eve were supposedly banished from.

Enki's first creation was a male called Adamu – this meant literally 'from the Clay' which should have been taken 'from the Earth - the planet.' The result of a genetic modification of a Homo Erectus genetic base material and Annunaki genetic material. This continued until seven pairs of males and females were constructed. Then the breeding started.The American Indian peoples call themselves the descendants of Enki Enki is regarded as the benefactor of mankind by the Hopi, they have a legend of Enki the Eagle, so how did this coincidence happen? It wasn't a coincidence, like the Clay tablets, it has a logical path. They also had Clay tablets – it is no coincidence it shows a factual connection.

Enki in Sumeria was aware that the great flood on Earth would happen, so he did not want to sacrifice his creation of us to the deluge. It was through this that he prepared for migration. He did indeed create life and preserved it. This 'day of judgement was true, it related to the Anunnaki who were forbidden from breeding with Earth residents.

Yet this continued and as such when the impending flood was discussed by the Anunnaki, Anu, their leader declared that the Anunnaki should abandon Earth and leave the created to their fate, Enki argued against this and helped with the saving and restructuring afterwards, he ushered the people to higher ground, onto mountains where they survived the deluge. He helped them re-seed afterwards and gave them the gift of weaving cloth which was also known about in Egypt where his son took the technology. This is why people are at a loss on how the technology evolved, it was taken there.

Some on Nibiru thought that Enki's creation could be sacrificed, yet Enki argued for our salvation, it made sense, it ensured that should disaster fall on Nibiru, that there would be descendants left rather on another planet than the whole people be lost.

Enki had a son Thoth, he later went to Egypt, he is an important figure in this story, he established the Pharaoic system and started the Pyramid building. So, what of Atlantis?

This island off the Mediterranean coast below England was Turtle shaped, perhaps where the American Indian Turtle Island comes from? The island was co-habited by the Red people and the Ari-ans. The Red people observed the 'Law of One' as do the American Indian people, the Ari-ans known as the Aryans, embraced technology, which they ended up abusing the free energy derived from crystals, the Pyramids also used crystal technology too, this led to the destruction of Atlantis.

As such, Atlantis, already damaged by volcanic activity, was split into three by the Ari-ans over use of the crystal power source. The split was gradual and Thoth knew that the island would disappear below the sea, so he organised the migration of the Red people. Now, remember that Thoth, son of Enki had been at Sumer and they had Clay tablets?

When Thoth organised the migration, he took the Red people to South America to Yucatan from where they started a move north. In Peru, there is the Pokotia monolith that shows that Sumerians visited that area thousands of years ago, Pokotia dates from 400BC. Thoth was one of the 'Tall Whites' a group that would advise many of the tribes. So how is this possible if they only had primitive boats and no maps? They had more advanced technology than science allows us to believe.

Thoth told the tribes he took to the new land keep on the move, ten tribes in all, if we take the seven main Indian tribes that likely leaves the Innuit type of people as an extra and others in the Canadian region to make up the number.

Lets look at the Sumerian connection evidence. In 1963, a clay tablet dug up in a garden in Georgia was found to be related to the Sumerian goddess Inana. William Niven, an explorer, found in Mexico a set of clay tablets which told the story of the island of Mu, which was around in the time of Atlantis.

The Hotevilla people from the Hopi tribe in Arizona have sacred stone (Clay) tablets which has knowledge recorded on. Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce owned a Clay tablet from Sumeria that was from 2042 BC. His medicine bag also displayed the 8 rayed Nibirian symbol. So, now we are seeing how this improbable Clay tablet connection has been proved. It was there from the start.

We can go back to our Enki the Eagle story. Thoth did refer to himself as Enki, even though he was the son of the original Enki. When Enki and his sister created the Earth human in Sumer, they used the genetic material of the Homo Erectus primate and blended it with their own. They did this because the Homo Erectus was primitive and did not have the language potential, intelligence potential or potential for guidance or learning that we do now.

They essentially created a 'pick and mix' creature engineering in what they needed, this may sound impossible, but they came here from off the planet, they were more advanced than we were up until this last century.

Let us consider if an aeroplane landed in a primitive human world, the primitives would have no idea likely on how to operate it. Yet, if an advanced craft came from another world and landed here, we would be more likely to have the ability to fly it and we have done so.Go back to the story of creation and the statement that humans were 'made in the image of the Creator' then if Enki was that creator, we are that image, albeit in one that ages and does not have the superior intellect of Enki.

Consider that the Aboriginal Australians might consider themselves the only people of their kind, they had not seen ships, aircraft, other people, other colours of people, technology. In this context us humans might say we are the only ones here and travel from outside and off the planet is not possible. They received off planet visitors which they recorded on Petroglyphs as did the Hopi.

Some on on this island Earth think that, they cannot grasp that others may come here from the stars, it is the reason we are here, we did not evolve, we are an intervention species, check out your third chromosomal pair, it is fused, no other creature has that and it can't happen in nature, it was done externally through modification.

I have gone a bit off track here, but let us go back to the American Indian. Once in America, there came a situation where they were offered two choices – to side with the people of the sky or another species of reptillian creatures of the Earth. These were not human.

The Hopi in that area chose the people of the feather – here we get the Enki the Eagle story, this further proves the connection even if it it may seem unbelievable. The Hopi say they travelled to Earth on the back of Enki the Eagle, perhaps they were flown from Atlantis to America, if the Anunnaki could come to Earth, it is possible. The Hopi came from the Blue star and migrated across the water – an alludation to exodus from Atlantis and why they revere the Blue Kachina. Nibiru is sometimes refereed to as the Blue Star.

The feather features heavily in Sumerian stellae reliefs, Egyptian pyramid paintings and statuary and of course with the Red people. Let us look at the Cherokee people, known as the Mound builders, these mounds also feature in Britain. The early religion in Britain was Paganism, a similar Law of One type religion, heavily following nature.

Stonehenge was built by the Atlanteans – it was no accident, it was placed there for a reason, it was a sort of stone computer – wooden poles were placed in dug out holes in the stones to throw light shadows so that the dates for planting crops for example could be observed. The Atlanteans also gave the Mayans their calendar. Stonehenge is in alignment with the Pyramids and on a place of great free energy, Giza was the Pyramid that was at the centre of the old Earth before the pole shift.

Why do the American Indian people tend to be psychically gifted? This was inherited and their closeness to nature, the earth and the Law of one which is a universal law. They are also frequently visited by those from off the planet.

The Hopi maintain contact with a race of Grey extra terrestrials likely from the Pleiades as they co-exist with tall white 'Nordic' type humans. Many of the Chiefs are revered as Prophets, Tecumseh, Crazy Horse who foretold of Automobiles, WW2 and aeroplanes, Black Elk who foresaw 7 generations would pass before the Lakota people become great again.

A book called Star Ancestors is a fascinating read, it along with Encounters with Star People by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke shows how the Red people have maintained the link.

What of Crop circles? These show up in Europe mainly, they are said to be ancient symbology some from Atlantis, many are hundreds of feet across and would be impossible to create at night so accurately. Why would a Hopi / Mayan symbol suddenly turn up in a Farmer's field over night some 300 plus feet across?

We find many of the Indian people telling us about the law of one and their way of life, it is the way forward. So why is it resisted, why is the gift of free energy scorned by those in authority? Simply that it would destroy the commercial world. It would render much of commerce and the consumer society redundant. We are running out of planet, this the Red people know as do some of us, yet we are daily foisted with advertisements for things we don't really need.

I hope this hasn't been to long a piece, it is a simplified version of years of research!

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  • Yes, it certainly is and shows why we need to ensure this great people's culture is preserved. I was curious why Chief Joseph had that clay tablet which was so presumably out of place, but it makes sense as does the prevalence of knowledge on clay tablets that the tribes are known to have. I had to put this onto 5 sheets of paper, cut it up and assemble it in order, it took quite a time but a worthwhile jigsaw puzzle.

  • Interesting!

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