Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe carried a small clay tablet in his medicine bag, this tablet was confirmed as being from ancient Sumeria and about 4000 years old.

The tablet was a receipt for a Lamb written in the ancient Sumerian cuneiform language, so the translation reveals. The question might be how this artefact got to America and to the Hopi, who on the surface of this matter, appear unrelated.

Sumerian Cunieform clay tablet - a larger and more complex example

How could a clay tablet from a Middle Eastern country get say six thousand miles to America hundreds of years before reliable known transport links existed?

The use of clay tablets to purvey information is acknowledged to have come from Sumeria, interesting that tribes other than the Hopi also had information given to them in this way.

The two serpents are representative of the human DNA structure

The fact they are going 'to the Earth' is part of the story in this picture

'Adamu' means 'from the Earth' or Clay

This may relate to the Earth Primates that were fused with Anunnaki DNA to create our species

This artefact could well prove the link to Atlantis, the fabled continent that some believe disappeared, others think only of as a myth. We could be soon able to prove it was real, certainly there is some geological evidence of the area that looks interesting, sonar scans have revealed.

Atlantis is something I have been researching and the connection to the American Indian peoples. Edgar Cayce the famous psychic said “Take a Cherokee, a Cheyenne, an Aztec, a Mayan and a Hopi and you're looking at an Atlantean.”

The smart money is that these ancestors came from a part of Atlantis called Poseidon, where the 'Law of One' was in force, a way of life that the Indian peoples continued to live by. The off planet origins of the Indian peoples was said to be from the Pleiades in the Taurus constellation as the Lakota believe.

The White Buffalo, an iconic Lakota image

Which is interesting, Taurus being the sign of the Bull and the Buffalo being perhaps the most important animal to the Indian, especially the Lakota people. Is there not a message and connection there? The Lakota people known as 'Tatanka Oyate' – the Buffalo nation, must add weight to this connection.

The handing down of history by oral tradition, has ensured that the Indian peoples have received the facts traceable from the original source.

White Buffalo Calf woman, part of the building blocks of the Lakota people's culture

One thing that I come back to again and again in my research and way I see things, is the connectivity of everything and coincidence. But it is no coincidence, as everything is related science now tells us, only a few thousand years before the Indian peoples were told this by their guides.

So this one clay tablet is the missing link to Atlantis via Sumeria, which is now modern day Iraq. The links to the Mayans and ancient Egypt will hopefully show the ancient connections of our species. The tablet links more than is apparent in this article.

Hopi made bowl, amazing work with a galactic theme

Just one tablet may be seen as coincidental, but below is something that shows more of the connection and something to expand on in the future: The similarity of ancient Sumerian and Hopi language:-

The Hopi believe the Creator of Man is a woman. The Sumerians believed the Creator of Man was a woman. (Ninhurshag was the female geneticist said to be the creator of our current species through blending with Earth Primate genetic material) The Law of One echoes this.

The Hopi believe the Father Creator is KA. The Sumerians believed the Father Essence was KA.

The Hopi believe Taiowa, the Sun God, is the Creator of the Earth. The Sumerians believe TA.EA was the Creator.

The Hopi believe two brothers had guardianship of the Earth. The Sumerians believed two brothers had dominion over the Earth. (Enki and Enlil were the two brothers (half brothers in fact) from the Sumerian era in question)

The Hopi believe Alo to be spiritual guides. The Sumerians believed AL.U to be beings of Heaven.

The Hopi believe Kachinas (Kat'sinas) are the spirits of nature and the

messengers and teachers sent by the Great Spirit. The Sumerians believed KAT.SI.NA were righteous ones sent of God.

The Hopi believe Eototo is the Father of Katsinas. The Sumerians believed EA.TA was the Father of all beings.

The Hopi believe Chakwaina is the Chief of Warriors. The Sumerians believed TAK.AN.U was the Heavenly Destroyer.

The Hopi believe Nan-ga-Sohu is the Chasing Star Katsina. The Sumerians believed NIN.GIR.SU to be the Master of Starships.

The Hopi believe Akush to be the Dawn Katsina. The Sumerians believed AK.U to be Beings of light.

The Hopi believe Danik to be Guardians in the Clouds. The Sumerians believed DAK.AN to be Sky Warriors.

The Hopi believe Sotunangu is a Sky Katsina. The Sumerians believed TAK.AN.IKU were Sky Warriors.

The Hopi name for the Pleaides is ChooChookam. The Sumerians believed SHU. SHU.KHEM were the supreme Stars.

The Hopi believe Tapuat is the name of Earth. The Sumerians believed Tiamat was the name of Earth.

The Hopi call a snake Chu'a. The Sumerians called a snake SHU.

The Hopi word for "dead" is Mokee. The Sumerians used KI. MAH to mean "dead."

The Hopi use Omiq to mean above, up. The Sumerians used AM.IK to mean looking to Heaven.

The Hopi believe Tuawta is One Who Sees Magic. The Sumerians believed TUAT.U was One from the Other World.

The Hopi believe Pahana was the Lost Brother who would one day return to assist the Hopi and humankind. The Sumerians would recognize PA.HA.NA as an Ancestor from heaven who would return.

One more interesting fact is that Anu is a Hopi word for Ant, Naki a word for friends. The 'Ant Friends' the Hopi refer to saved them in ancient times according to their history.

Egyptian engraving of 'Ant people

Put the two together and you have Anunnaki which was the race Enki, Enlil and Ninhurshag were from, which was in ancient Sumeria, where the tablet came from.

So we are seeing that our ancient history is coming together piece by piece. It may prove the established view of things as incorrect.

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      Hoping to get the Atlantis material sorted for the next article, I think the outside world has no real idea how important the American Indian peoples really are in terms of ancient history and their connections to some of the most well known and advanced early civilisations.


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