During the entire history of America until the turn of the twentieth century, Indigenous Americans were hunted, killed, and forcibly removed from their lands by European settlers.This includes the paying of bounties beginning in the colonial period with, for example, a proclamation against the Penobscot Indians in 1755 issued by King George II of Great Britain, known commonly as the Phips Proclamation 

The proclamation orders, “His Majesty’s subjects to Embrace all opportunities of pursuing, captivating, killing and Destroying all and every of the aforesaid Indians.” The colonial government paid 50 pounds for scalps of males over 12 years, 25 pounds for scalps of women over 12, and 20 pounds for scalps of boys and girls under twenty-five British pounds sterling in 1755, worth around $9,000 today —a small fortune in those days when an English teacher earned 60 pounds a year.Well, the term "scalp" offended the good Christian women of the community and they asked that another term be found to describe these things. So, the trappers and hunters began using the term "redskin"...they would tell the owner that they had bearskin, deer skins....and "redskins." The term came from the bloody mess that one saw when looking at the scalp...thus the term "red" because it was the "skin" of an "animal" just like the others that they, it became "redskins". So, you see when we see or hear that term...we don't see a football team...we don't see a game being played...we don't see any "honor"...we see the bloody pieces of scalps that were hacked off of our men, women and even our children...we hear the screams as our people were killed...and "skinned" just like animals.

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  • IIdont know the ground situation theret but will continue to learn. Thanks 

  •  Friends, I am from India and we were able to get rid of whites from there. In my humble opinion all is still not lost. Irequest all proud native people to discard the Christian names dresses habits and start wearing dresses fashioned along Natives style. Show them placards and paint your cars nativen styles Don't allopw whites to enjoy the native land  peacefully. Peaceful resistance is the key. 

  • How many of you commenters or Natives?  How many of you experience the life of a Native. 

  • I was always told scalping was from the French and then the indigenous started using the same tactic to hopefully scare the invaders from our lands

    • This is also true.  But again..the French are from Europe....  They (Europeans)were consistent users of this method of torture and death.  What is also true, is that when we starting using this method, we brought it to a whole new level.  But we most certainly did not invent it!

    • Are you guys natives?

    • I am.  Huron/Wendat  and just for fun, we mixed with Cherokee and Apache.

  • If my memory serves me correctly, scalping was learned the Spaniard's.
  • Now hold on just a minute - Natives scalped (and worse) EACH OTHER long before the white man made it disgustingly profitable. I'm not condoning the act but study history please before posting propaganda.

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